Triathlon in Alanya 13-16.6.2013

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Daily life in Turkey

Daily life in Turkey

Republic of Turkey is a laic and democratic nation established by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1923. Turkey is a member of European Council and a full nominee of European Community. The capital city is Ankara.

Currency in Turkey is called Turkish Lira (TL).
Exchange and international transfers are available in any bank branch. Credit cards can be used with ATMs. Foreign currency, especially Euro is a mean of cash payment for shopping. International GSM communication service is provided by three operators.

Prices can be varied because of the free market however, it is obligatory to put price labels on each item. Tasks and authority of the security forces are regulated in accordance with the European Community Standards.

Traffic drives on the right in Turkey and speed limit is 90 kph. Speed limit is under control by traffic police. There are plenty of car, 4-wheelers and bike rental agencies in Alanya. Alanya has a Sea Frontier and a harbour for foreign-flagged ships.

National holidays are April 23, May 19, August 30 and October 29.  First of January is official holiday and there are two religious holidays lasting three days and four days. Official working hours in Turkey are between 08:00 - 17:00 and official weekend is Saturday and Sunday.